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Professor Emeritus OSHA Training Institute

The only electrical regulatory safety trainer that trains OSHA personnel

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How Occupational Safety and Health in the US is being Hijacked (pdf)


Training by the Professor who Teaches OSHA Inspectors

NFPA 70E OSHA and You: Insight for Implementation

The only 70E training course that actually compares NFPA 70E requirements to OSHA's regulatory requirements. 

Whats OSHA looking for?

What are OSHA inspectors likely to ask?

What requirements of 70E are in direct violation of OSHA requirements and can even result in "willful" OSHA citations? 

Spectacular Conference and Convention Keynote Shows

Unique and spectacular high voltage shows performed at professional conferences, sci-fi conventions, steampunk cons, film cons, horror cons, and other events.

"Its like watching the History Channel, only live"!

OSHA Electrical Regulatory Seminar

For OSHA offices and staff only

Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory Highlights

Louisiana Steampunk Festival Show

Miss Electra in Electric Chair

Miss Electra energized at 15,000 volts

"Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory"

Overview of the spectacular arcing & sparking apparatus!

Half Million Volt Tesla Coil

Passing electricity through the professor to light the stage

Fragmentizing Objects

Half million volt Tesla coil passing electricity through the professor to fragmentize objects

Arcs Sparks Fire & Explosions: Extraordinary Excerpts

OSHA Electrical Standards

This is the definitive electrical safety course for safety professionals (and others) which prepares “unqualified” persons to be able to communicate with and understand the mystique and jargon of the “qualified” (electricians). This curriculum was developed by Grizzy for the OSHA investigators to prepare them to be able to effectively understand and communicate with qualified electrical workers as well as investigate electrical accidents and fatalities.

Its Like Obtaining Training Directly from OSHA


The only private sector consultant trainer (in the history of OSHA) to conduct initial compliance training for OSHA CSHO's.

Grizzy has taught and continues to teach OSHA inspectors on various topics including OSHA's legal aspects requirements.

Power Generation Transmission and Distribution

OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.269 & 1926 Subpart V

Machinery and Machine Safeguarding Course

The same course developed for OSHA and taught to OSHA inspectors.

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

Did you know OSHA has numerous LOTO standards? You could be following an OSHA LOTO standard to the letter and still be in violation of OSHA for not using the correct standard.

How to Survive OSHA – The Insiders Workshop

When OSHA knocks on your door what do you do? Do you have a strategy planned? Do you know what to expect? What to do? What not to do? How to protect your rights?

These questions and more will be answered during this fast paced mini seminar. 

The New Paradigm Shift in Occupational Safety and Health

  OSHA Standards are becoming Best Practices  Consensus Standards are becoming Minimum Standards (at best) 

  Cutting edge regulatory insights into these new developments in Safety and Health with specific facts and background from recent consensus standards and why OSHA standards are becoming the new benchmark over these consensus standards.